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As a general rule, we work by appointments, and we appreciate your cooperation by calling for appointments as far ahead as possible. Appointments are usually scheduled in the afternoons beginning at 1:30pm. We recognize the fact that some conditions require an immediate appointment and that advance scheduling is impossible. Under such circumstances, we ask that you explain the urgency of your situation to the receptionist so that we can see you at once.

If you find that you cannot keep an appointment, please call us as soon as you can to cancel the appointment. By your calling you make it possible for another patient to be seen. We want you to know that we are sensitive to the fact that long waits in the office are uncomfortable and we make every effort to prevent your having to wait. However, emergencies and unexpectedly lengthy surgery will sometimes cause us to run late, and we do hope that you will bear with us when we are unavoidably delayed.


If you feel that immediate surgical care is needed, you should call the office number (770-428-3713) and have the service contact Dr. Underwood. We do our emergency work at Kennestone Hospital and you may go directly to the emergency center and ask that Dr. Underwood be called.

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