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Fees Headline

Our fees are based on the skill and time required for various procedures, and they are comparable to fees charged by other surgeons in this area. We have a computerized billing system and statements are mailed at the end of each month. We recognize that larger fees from surgery can impose a financial burden on a family and we are glad to work with you in establishing a payment program that will not create a hardship. We also accept most major credit cards.

Please contact the office manager to set up a payment schedule. It is our practice to be as cooperative as possible in helping patients handle their obligations, but when adequate time and notice has been given and accounts remain unpaid, we will turn such accounts over to a professional collection agency. We prefer not to use the collection agency, for it creates not only an unhappy situation, but it also reflects unfavorable on your credit standing. If at any time you have questions about your bill, we are glad to discuss our fees and we welcome the opportunity to help you.

Related Charges

In order to diagnose at patient's condition, we may order x-rays, lab work or other tests from outside providers. You will be billed for these tests by the laboratory or radiologist, not by this office. Some surgical procedures require an assistant surgeon. There are times when it is necessary to call in another surgeon to assist and he will bill you himself for his assistant's fee. If it is necessary that you have surgery, we want you to be aware of probable charges other that our surgeon's fee and hospital bill. In most cases there will also be charges from a pathologist, and anesthesiologist, and possibly a radiologist.

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